FAQ's - Our Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to over 200 countries. Extra shipping charges may apply depending on the country you are ordering from. Our products ship from the United States, so shipping times to other countries may be impacted depending on your location. We will communicate any additional charges before fully processing your order. We always want to make sure you are satisfied. No surprise charges. However, there are charges that we cannot control, and those are dependent on the customs policies of where the order is shipped. Those charges are assessed outside of the Oliavery ordering system. If you do not know the policies of your country we recommend contacting your local customs office for further information.

Do you ship to APO / FPO?

Yes, we do. We can ship to international destinations via USPS Postal Service. This includes APO/FPO addresses. Customs duties and taxes may be collected at the time of delivery.

Eau de toilette vs eau de parfum: What's the difference?

Visit our blog on this subject here. The difference is simply the amount or concentration of oils in the fragrance. Eau de parfum has a higher concentration than eau de toilette, making it a stronger fragrance. There is also pure perfume, which has the highest concentration, and eau de cologne, which has the lowest concentration of oils.

What is the difference between a splash and a spray?

There is no difference in the fragrance – the only difference is in how it is applied. Fragrances that are applied with a spray are thought to last longer as they are sealed air tight. However, any perceived extension of the shelf life is most likely nominal if you replace the cap on your splash bottle. It really comes down to how you prefer to apply your fragrance.

How do I care for my fragrance to make sure it stays fresh?

Fragrances should be stored in a light controlled, cool, dark area. Sunlight in particular can affect the ingredients and alter the scent. Also, make sure the bottle is closed after each use. 

My fragrance has been discontinued, how do you still have it in stock, and is it genuine?

We stock thousands of fragrances, including many that have been discontinued. Our partners purchase inventories of hard to find or discontinued fragrances to store in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse. We may not have it for much longer, but what we do have you can be confident in knowing that it is 100% authentic. WE DO NOT SELL OR STOCK CLONED/IMMITATION FRAGRANCES. Our suppliers would not continue to do business with us if we sold knock-off versions of their scents.

My perfume does not spray, nothing comes out, is it broken?

This can be a common issue with a new purchase and/or one that you have owned for a long time, but maybe haven’t used in a while. To get your fragrance spraying again follow these instructions below:

  1. Hold one finger against the spray nozzle.
  2. Use your other finger to pump the spray 10-15x.
  3. Remove your finger from the spray nozzle.
  4. Pump the spray another 10-15x as needed.
  5. Allow the fragrance bottle to settle for 5-10 minutes.

Your fragrance bottle should be fully functional now! If you are still having problems, you can repeat steps 1-5. If after several attempts are made at priming the pump you are still having an issue please contact us at customerservice@oliavery.com

Our Guarantee

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Free ground shipping (3-5 days) on all orders. Plus options for overnight and two-day shipping.

Where do we ship?

Everywhere! We have global shipping. All products ship from the USA, so please account for transit time if ordering from overseas.

No-Hassle Return Policy

All unopened items can be returned within 30 days of purchase.